Fequently Asked Questions


How is an airbrush tattoo applied?

First you select your design from our collection of over 600 designs. Sizes ranging from small that can go just about anywhere to some larger designs that will require a larger area to apply. Our artist will then clean the area where the tattoo is being applied with rubbing alcohol. This will remove any dirt or oils that will prevent the tattoo from lasting longer. The stencil of your chosen design is then placed onto the skin. Finally, the artist will apply the airbrush tattoo paint with an airbrush. You can pick any color you like or multiple colors. The stencil is removed and that's it! The whole process takes anywhere from 1-3 mintutes depending on the size and color selection.

How long does it last?

Our professionally applied airbrush tattoos typically last 2-7 days depending on where the tattoo is applied. However your tattoo can be easily removed with rubbing alcohol or baby oil. There are a few tips that can help your tattoo last longer.

  • When chosing an area to have your tattoo placed, keep in mind that areas exposed to clothing or any rubbing will shorten the life of your tattoo.
  • Avoid lotions, sunscreens, oils, or any alcohol based products.
  • Our tattoos are waterproof so they are okay to be exposed in the shower or bath but it's best not to scrub the tattoo. Washing around it will help it last longer and applying baby powder to the tattoo after bathing will help the life of your tattoo. However long soaks in a hot tub or prolonged swimming may fade away your tattoo.


Face Painting

How do you apply the face paintings?

Our professionally applied face paintings are a bit different from the typical face paintings applied using a brush or a sponge. Our face paintings are applied using an airbrush sprayed at a low air pressure. Using an airbrush will makes the face painting process faster. Only taking 3-7 mintues depending on the design and the complexity. Like our airbrush tattoos, the face paintings are applied first by selecting a design. We have designs for both boys and girls. You pick the colors or leave it to our artist to do all the work. 

How long does a face painting last?

Face paintings typically last throughout the day or about 12 hours. Our safe FDA approved professional paints are smudge resistant, sweat resisant, and dry quickly. However our water based paint can be easily removed with soap and water. 


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